New designs Minister for tenants

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  Ferraro -a university professor, referring to the new initiative of the Ministry of Roads and Urban Development rental in the area, said: "At least the benefits of this project is to create a peace of mind for tenants Landlords and tenants of the costs for concluding the contract annually on both transactional decreases.  
The first project area secretary Vshhrsazy Tenants' tax deductions for landlords with tenants multi-year contracts two or Misfortune "overstretched. د.  Clerical one effective way of organizing the rental market, "encouraging homeowners' claims. 
He believes the owners' contracts run for more than a year to adjust units contributed to the tenants and the rental market have taken a big step to recovery.
Minister of Roads and Urban Development, the rewards for those owners is intended to reduce taxes and therefore Pyshnvys·hayy written for this project that should only be submitted to the Cabinet and acceptance of the project and the obligation to implement the among duties of the Central Bank and the Finance Ministry. 
 B. civilian doctor, university professor and expert on economic issues in an interview with Ferraro    The countries of financial instruments for resolving many problems of economic and social importance.  In these countries, the income tax is only a tool. "
He continued: "Unfortunately, our approach is to look at tax revenue is dominant and there is an expectation that the tax income for the state, although this area has not been very well and unfortunately not efficient tax system in housing areas It is not. "
The professor said: "International experience suggests that in developed countries, real estate taxes (property and leased) is inversely proportional to the time occupied in the fall." 
He continued: "For example, a tenant living in a house no matter how much property taxes will reduce the pain and reduce speculation in the housing estate to the same policy to follow the property no matter how much property a Taxes will be reduced. "
He added: "So my new plan of the Ministry of Roads and Urban Development plans to use the tool rental area of ​​tax'm positive." 

The professor said: "The landlord and tenant as a rational look at this, and so if the tax rate is the appropriate rate to the contract a few years Landlords tenants, and the benefit of the tax cut willing to.»
Maleki said: "Of course this is the most important pre-requisites required to create a database for real estate.

 Certainly if such a database is created and the tax system can also be modified proposal of the Minister of Roads and Urban Development implemented. " 
He added: "In other words, depending on the plan to reform the country's tax system and ultimately implementing the plan will be tax affairs."
Civilian benefits of implementing such a scheme, said: "At least the benefits of creating a peace of mind for tenants and landlords and tenants of the transactions costs for each contract year will be reduced." 
The professor's response to the question whether the project can also be effective in reducing the rate of rent?, Said: "I do not think this plan will reduce the rental rates.   The rent of the two main parameters that affect housing prices and the other one is inflation. Therefore, such a plan may not be decreased rental rates or increased it was stopped. "
He added: "Obviously we are in a country which has experienced double-digit inflation with such plans can not expect the increase in the price of housing is rent." 
At the end of the Civil said: "Fortunately the new government a good reason in the sphere of housing and organizing the project, along with other issues such as real estate agencies, real estate tax reform and how non-inflationary financing of real estate in a single package seen be. "

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